Monday, January 17, 2011

Mix Tape Mondays: Music Makes Everything Better

It was a drippy, dreary day...chilly, but not really cold. Damp for most of the day, then downright wet and miserable once night fell. But, as many of you know, and the rest of you are now finding out, music is playing pretty much constantly wherever I happen to be, whatever I happen to be doing. Working, crafting, painting,'s generally got a soundtrack.

I love sharing music with my friends, family and random strangers. LOL. Today I thought I'd share some tracks that seem to fit the mood of the day and the weather that set that mood.

This one isn't a video, but the song is good enough that you should just listen. It's moody and somber, kinda scary even.

This one's always great when you're feeling a bit pensive, or a little melancholy.

Another one without a video, but it pretty effectively embodies the mood the weather brings to many at this time of year.

I've been playing this one on repeat a lot. Not just that I love her voice. There's something about this track. The mixture of sadness and hope. Maybe. Maybe I you won't hear the same thing I do.

That will do it for today's selections. Hope you'll like this regular weekly installment. Hope your drippy and dreary night gets a little warmer with a song or something else that brings you joy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cohabitation Chronicles - The Oatmeal Bowl

I have a wonderful boyfriend...but, like any couple, we have spats, arguments and even knock-down, drag-out fights. I would, of course, never betray him by going tell all on items of a very personal nature here on the blog. But I have his permission to start on this segment of the blog, the Cohabitation Chronicles, where I'll discuss the day to day sort of peeves that we mostly laugh over, but sometimes result in a small squabble.

The Oatmeal Bowl
So, this is something I find all too often on the counter next to the sink. No, not in the sink...up on the counter beside it. Why he can't soak it in the sink, I have no idea. And because it's hanging out on the counter, he can't fill it to the brim, for fear of spillage. Thus, any oatmeal remnants around the top of the bowl harden to a cement-like consistency. I end up washing these bowls, along with coffee cups, beer mugs and more way more than I'd like.

Why he doesn't just squirt a dollop of soap into the bowl, scrub, rinse and put in the drainer...I'll never know. It wouldn't take that much longer than the precarious soak and balance routine you see above. For now, I grumble, laugh and wash the offending dishes. But I have threatened to put them all under his pillow. We'll see.

Next time, I promise, we'll talk about one of my foibles. Happy Sunday.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Sleep 'Til...Tucker

I'm not generally a night owl. In fact, I'm generally a true early bird. I wake up fully awake and functional, able to complete sentences and hold conversations, bright-eyed and generally quite happy. Sleeping in has come to mean MAYBE 7:00 AM, perhaps even 8:00 during a really decadent snooze-fest. I'm generally yawning and rubbing my eyes around 9:30 PM and nearing a comatose state by 10:30 (if I make it up even close to that late).
When the moon is out, I tend to be ready for a snooze...

But lately, as I prepare and agonize and plot and scheme for this move from Warner Robins to Atlanta (Tucker to be exact), I'm burning the midnight oil. Actually, I'm burning the candle at both ends, because I'm not sleeping any later. I'm just sleeping less, consuming more coffee and getting more and more tired.

But, I AM getting stuff done (I just fear I'm not getting it done quite fast enough). I'm sorting through clothing and books, craft supplies and bike apparel. I'm getting ready to Craigslist and yard sale a lot of items that are NOT going to make the move.

I AM NOT reading, biking or crafting much. And those are the things that generally keep me on an even keel. I'm not TOO worried, yet, as there are only a couple weeks left until my big move takes place. Then I'll begin the worrying over D's big move about a month later. While we're apart for about a month I'm assuming I'll make plenty of time for crafting, biking and reading, in order not to miss him too much.

Until I get back on track and turn back into my early bird, morning gal self...I'll hope to enjoy my brief tenure as a night owl. I don't see it lasting much past my imminent arrival in Tucker.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Gorgeous Things Tuesday: Dirty Birdies Vintage...

Oh if only I had all the extra cash I could possibly imagine on hand so I could get all these fantastic vintage lovelies from Dirty Birdies Vintage Etsy shop!

#10. This coat is calling out my would definitely meet one of my Forty For 40 goals and get me looking a bit more girlie on 2011!

#9. I'm on an all things red kick of late, and this certainly goes along with that kick. I love the buttons, too.

#8. I want to pair these up with some cute navy tights and a long skirt and cute cardigan. Add some cute glasses and soft cosmetics and I'd look like a sassy librarian, right?

#7. Kinda sad I already ordered a new bag to use as my work tote/briefcase, as this one is just too cool looking! Maybe I need two?

#6. I'm thinking this would dress up and girl up any pair of jeans!

#5. I'm thinking this jacket would look pretty great over just about anything. Jeans and a sweater, simple dress, skirt and blouse! Love it.

#4. This makes me want to go on lots of trips...

#3. This would look splendiferous gracing my neck. It would dress up a simple button-up nicely.

#2. This would probably keep me organized...but I'll leave it for someone else to scoop up (it's a steal), as I've got some ideas of my own for organizing!

#1. Why, oh why, oh WHY weren't these listed before Christmas. I would have begged everyone to add them to their "for me" list. Too perfect for peeking out from a long skirt or accenting leggings!

That wraps up this week's installment. If you like anything here...please check out the shop (linked above, too). Buying handmade and vintage is a great way to ensure talented and creative people continue to craft and thrift.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musical Inspiration: Andrew Bird

Some days I need driving tempo and exceeding energy, while other days I want to listen to something a bit calmer, more reflective and soothing. Today's one of those days. My to-do list is long and just keeps getting longer. My roommates are snowed in, and not being self-employed that means they are playing while I'm working. I needed to listen to something both energizing and soothing. Andrew Bird fit the bill this morning and on through the day.

The man of my Monday music listening hour...

This is one of my absolute favorite. Hope you enjoy the listen and also enjoy the day, snowed in or not, whether you're working at the computer or in your favorite craft corner.