Monday, January 17, 2011

Mix Tape Mondays: Music Makes Everything Better

It was a drippy, dreary day...chilly, but not really cold. Damp for most of the day, then downright wet and miserable once night fell. But, as many of you know, and the rest of you are now finding out, music is playing pretty much constantly wherever I happen to be, whatever I happen to be doing. Working, crafting, painting,'s generally got a soundtrack.

I love sharing music with my friends, family and random strangers. LOL. Today I thought I'd share some tracks that seem to fit the mood of the day and the weather that set that mood.

This one isn't a video, but the song is good enough that you should just listen. It's moody and somber, kinda scary even.

This one's always great when you're feeling a bit pensive, or a little melancholy.

Another one without a video, but it pretty effectively embodies the mood the weather brings to many at this time of year.

I've been playing this one on repeat a lot. Not just that I love her voice. There's something about this track. The mixture of sadness and hope. Maybe. Maybe I you won't hear the same thing I do.

That will do it for today's selections. Hope you'll like this regular weekly installment. Hope your drippy and dreary night gets a little warmer with a song or something else that brings you joy.

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