Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cohabitation Chronicles - The Oatmeal Bowl

I have a wonderful boyfriend...but, like any couple, we have spats, arguments and even knock-down, drag-out fights. I would, of course, never betray him by going tell all on items of a very personal nature here on the blog. But I have his permission to start on this segment of the blog, the Cohabitation Chronicles, where I'll discuss the day to day sort of peeves that we mostly laugh over, but sometimes result in a small squabble.

The Oatmeal Bowl
So, this is something I find all too often on the counter next to the sink. No, not in the sink...up on the counter beside it. Why he can't soak it in the sink, I have no idea. And because it's hanging out on the counter, he can't fill it to the brim, for fear of spillage. Thus, any oatmeal remnants around the top of the bowl harden to a cement-like consistency. I end up washing these bowls, along with coffee cups, beer mugs and more way more than I'd like.

Why he doesn't just squirt a dollop of soap into the bowl, scrub, rinse and put in the drainer...I'll never know. It wouldn't take that much longer than the precarious soak and balance routine you see above. For now, I grumble, laugh and wash the offending dishes. But I have threatened to put them all under his pillow. We'll see.

Next time, I promise, we'll talk about one of my foibles. Happy Sunday.

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