Thursday, January 13, 2011

No Sleep 'Til...Tucker

I'm not generally a night owl. In fact, I'm generally a true early bird. I wake up fully awake and functional, able to complete sentences and hold conversations, bright-eyed and generally quite happy. Sleeping in has come to mean MAYBE 7:00 AM, perhaps even 8:00 during a really decadent snooze-fest. I'm generally yawning and rubbing my eyes around 9:30 PM and nearing a comatose state by 10:30 (if I make it up even close to that late).
When the moon is out, I tend to be ready for a snooze...

But lately, as I prepare and agonize and plot and scheme for this move from Warner Robins to Atlanta (Tucker to be exact), I'm burning the midnight oil. Actually, I'm burning the candle at both ends, because I'm not sleeping any later. I'm just sleeping less, consuming more coffee and getting more and more tired.

But, I AM getting stuff done (I just fear I'm not getting it done quite fast enough). I'm sorting through clothing and books, craft supplies and bike apparel. I'm getting ready to Craigslist and yard sale a lot of items that are NOT going to make the move.

I AM NOT reading, biking or crafting much. And those are the things that generally keep me on an even keel. I'm not TOO worried, yet, as there are only a couple weeks left until my big move takes place. Then I'll begin the worrying over D's big move about a month later. While we're apart for about a month I'm assuming I'll make plenty of time for crafting, biking and reading, in order not to miss him too much.

Until I get back on track and turn back into my early bird, morning gal self...I'll hope to enjoy my brief tenure as a night owl. I don't see it lasting much past my imminent arrival in Tucker.

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