Forty for 40

2011 is already off to a fabulous start, and even though a lot of the changes will be challenging and even downright scary at times, I'm excited about everything on my plate! But I'm a girl that likes to plot and plan, and with a big birthday lurking in seemed a perfect time to make a Forty for 40 list for 2011.

Some will be harder to accomplish than others...but that's all good:
  1. Write letters! I love getting real mail and I know others do I'm going to embark on a letter writing campaign in 2011. It will be especially important since I am changing cities and will be leaving some wonderful friends behind - but not forgotten!
  2. Start selling my crafts and art work...I've set up an Etsy shop, but I haven't posted any items yet. I plan to do so right after the move, so expect to see more about that in February.
  3. Spend some quality time with my sister and hanging out with the other girlies! A lot of the time Karen and I only see each other in the early morning before she heads out and I'm on babysitting duty, or vice versa...late at night after she and Art get to go out on the town while, again, I'm sitting,. I love the time I get to spend with my niece and nephew, don't get me wrong...but Karen and I have fun...and I'm hoping we'll manage to get together with some other girls for some female fun nights.
  4. Share more music with my friends...making them playlists and prettily decorated CD mixes...
  5. Paint, paint and paint...oils, acrylics, gouache, watercolors...I want to dabble in them all.
  6. Girl up and spruce up my wardrobe...I'm a cute girl, darn it, and I should dress like it!
  7. Keep an art journal...because sometimes words on a computer screen just aren't enough!
  8. Get thrifty, as in visit, browse and shop at thrift stores as Derek and start putting together all the items that will create our new home together!
  9. Mismatch...I love mixing patterns in home decor and kitchen items...and since Derek and I will be putting together all of our own stuff over the next year, we'll have fun hunting for the perfect items!
  10. Accessorize! I have cute jewelry, scarves and more...and I never wear it. I shall wear it going forward!
  11. I need to make an effort to put on make-up daily. Sure there will be the occasional lazy day spent on the couch watching movies or playing Scrabble. However, it's too easy to fall into the trap of not caring, just because I work at home. No more!
  12. Have fun with my hair. I got a really cute cut and color in December that has gotten me quite a lot of compliments. So I need to not only keep up the cut and color (oh...Jason, it's time for an appointment, please)...but I also need to have some fun with it. I can go super sleek, I can flip it, I can wear hair accessories...lots of options, I just need to take them.
  13. Get creative and consistent with my cooking again. Derek and I were eating really well in October and November, then the holidays sort of derailed that. Time to get back on track and get back to being creative with my vegetarian cooking.
  14. Take care of my nails and hands...I'm horrible about never painting my fingernails, and I'm equally horrible about keeping my nails trimmed to a nice length. They get really long then I hack them so short it's almost painful. This one will probably be quite hard, but sometimes you have to work hard. LOL.
  15. Ride, ride and ride some more. The move to Atlanta will provide me with so many more riding opportunities, both road and mountain, and I need to make sure I get my butt on the bike as often as possible. I can easily commute to my brother-in-law's office, which will house my biz two days a week, so I need to make that happen!
  16. Expand my business...branch out, push the envelope, promote myself, etc. I'm good at it, I can admit that, and others admit it to show new potential clients the possibilities and get BUSY. WORK HARD.
  17. Do more with Derek...we're not in a rut...but we're comfortable. I want to reinstate real date nights, real date at home nights and make sure we continue to do the things we love to do together.
Don't worry...there will be 40. I'm just going to make sure they're the best 40 I can come up with!