Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ten Gorgeous Things Tuesday: Dirty Birdies Vintage...

Oh if only I had all the extra cash I could possibly imagine on hand so I could get all these fantastic vintage lovelies from Dirty Birdies Vintage Etsy shop!

#10. This coat is calling out my name...it would definitely meet one of my Forty For 40 goals and get me looking a bit more girlie on 2011!

#9. I'm on an all things red kick of late, and this certainly goes along with that kick. I love the buttons, too.

#8. I want to pair these up with some cute navy tights and a long skirt and cute cardigan. Add some cute glasses and soft cosmetics and I'd look like a sassy librarian, right?

#7. Kinda sad I already ordered a new bag to use as my work tote/briefcase, as this one is just too cool looking! Maybe I need two?

#6. I'm thinking this would dress up and girl up any pair of jeans!

#5. I'm thinking this jacket would look pretty great over just about anything. Jeans and a sweater, simple dress, skirt and blouse! Love it.

#4. This makes me want to go on lots of trips...

#3. This would look splendiferous gracing my neck. It would dress up a simple button-up nicely.

#2. This would probably keep me organized...but I'll leave it for someone else to scoop up (it's a steal), as I've got some ideas of my own for organizing!

#1. Why, oh why, oh WHY weren't these listed before Christmas. I would have begged everyone to add them to their "for me" list. Too perfect for peeking out from a long skirt or accenting leggings!

That wraps up this week's installment. If you like anything here...please check out the shop (linked above, too). Buying handmade and vintage is a great way to ensure talented and creative people continue to craft and thrift.

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