Sunday, January 2, 2011

(de)Clutter and Collections

As the days tick slowly by, the time for me to make my move to Atlanta, and the time for Derek to follow me up are drawing ever closer and near. And per usual, I'm both freaking out and colossally excited at the same time. I'll be ready, and I'll make sure Derek is too, but that doesn't mean it won't be a bit frantic and frenetic around here in the coming weeks.

Right now our bedroom is a nightmare of piles: piles to be donated to the Rescue Mission, piles to potentially be sold in a yard sale, piles to go to the used book sale, etc. Right now I'm trying to get those piles organized and moved into the art room (there might not be much art going on in there for a couple days) in order for there to be enough space for us to sleep and for me to work (my office is about three steps from the bed).

Just some of my very messy yarn collection...

We're both making a concerted effort to minimize and economize in order to start fresh when we get up there. A lot of our stuff came from our previous marriages, and while there are no bad feelings or ill will, we're excited about the opportunity to start fresh and acquire furnishings and accessories that are ours, stuff we've chosen together. And since we're both creative and artsy, this way we can start to put together the sort of look/aesthetic we've never been able to pull together before.

Furniture is the biggie...we'll be staying with my sister and brother-in-law for a year while we save up and build we can't take a lot with us (not that we want above). Couches, love seats, chairs, tables, etc. will be sold. Some may be posted here or on FB if anyone local is interested or looking. I'll probably be making a temporary page here, and might post a photo gallery on FB, if anyone's interested. I'll do that sometime next week.

Part of the prized collection...Christmas additions, too!
In the midst of all the decluttering and minimizing, there are two things I realize we will probably never be able to (nor want to) minimize or economize. That would be art/craft supplies and our slowly growing vinyl collection. To have found someone who is as big a nut about both is amazing, so we're going to be thinking about some creative ways to house all of our goodies in our smaller space, which will also move to whatever new space we move into together in/around 2012.

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