Monday, January 3, 2011

Taking Part in Project ReStyle

I read a lot of crafty blogs, artist blogs, creative people blogs...along with all the cycling, running, and music blogs that most of you already know about. A couple of friends and co-workers that write two of those blogs have set up a year-long project called "Project ReStyle". I decided I am going to take part.

The premise? Take something unused, unwanted or perhaps leftover, maybe merely forgotten and make it into something new and useful, new and pretty, new and worthy.

I have three projects in mind for January. Maybe I should hold one for February, but that wouldn't be any fun since the projects are on my and I'm itching to start. They involve the following three things:

These boring, utilitarian cork boards are going to get a makeover
worthy of the new life we're about to embark upon in the ATL.

My good friend Jake drew these for me, Derek matted I just need
to do some sprucing and get them ready for their new home.

No, not the boxes, that large piece of scrap lumber. Probably my most
ambitious redesign plan for the month, so I better get started.

It shouldn't shock anyone that I'm excited about this task. I'm the girl that got excited about making trophies out of old, dirty, grease covered bike parts. Maybe one month some of those bike parts will make a comeback in a project. I love to thrift, to scavenge...this just gives that love a purpose.

How am I going to fit this in amongst all the other things I need to do before we move to Atlanta? I'll make time. Sleep is overrated. And I can sleep more during the month I'm apart from Derek. It will make that month pass faster.

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