Wednesday, December 29, 2010 it new blog for 2011 and beyond!

A week or so ago, I posted...FINALLY, that I really wanted to continue blogging, but wanted to do so in a more all encompassing way. With a blog that somehow managed to cohesively pull together my many interests and pursuits, without being so skewed and helter skelter that absolutely no one would want to read it.

So, with a little play on words, while a certain Beastie Boys tune rang through my melon...I came up with crafDIY. I'm crafty, I enjoy the little bit of DIY I've embraced (and in 2011 I vow/pledge/resolve to embrace an even greater DIY ethic), and I've got lots to say (some meaningful, some meh) on a variety of subjects and topics.

This seemed the way to go. And I'm revved, pumped, jazzed, hyped to blog again. I've got ideas aplenty, topics galore and a year of more adventure than I'd ever imagined just a-waiting to be chronicled.

So, let's let the journal that this blog is meant to be, start rolling out one post at a time. 2011 is almost here. 40, YIKES, is around the corner...and I've got so much to tell you all! Hope you're looking forward, even a little bit....just a tiny, itty-bitty, bit to what might show up in the days that pass.

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  1. l'm looking forward. No point in looking back.
    As Raul Julia said in "the Gumball Rally": What is behind me is not important!